Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Anne Bowen Bridal F/W 2012

So as I mentioned before I had the opportunity to go to a fashion show when I was in Manhattan!! Diana from @warwornfashion was really kind to me and invited me as her plus one, when she didn't even know me, except from Twitter! Since New York is the mecca of fashion shows, I've always dreamed of going to one. We also had the opportunity to meet with the designer, Anne Bowen (eek!! so exciting) and have an interview. We discovered she was of Welsh descent and so a lot of her bridal pieces for this show portrayed lots of intricate details and exquisite beading. It was so amazing! On top of her bridal line she has a ready to wear line and a jewellery line. Her great grandfather was actually of royal descent, so she replicated a family crown she found in her jewellery line! It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to go to this show and meet lovely Diana!! I am definitely a bit nostalgic for New York City of course... One day I will go back, hopefully permanently!


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  1. aw what a great experience. thanks for sharing the pics!

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