Monday, 18 June 2012

Essie Summer 2012 Collection

This summer, Essie is launching yet another fresh new line of polish colors. Essie Weingarten, creative director and founder of Essie proclaims that this collection is inspired by bikinis and it is dedicated to helping women everywhere find their perfect swimsuit! She says: “start your search with a great color. You simply can’t lose if the color fits.” The line is like a beautiful rainbow, with colors to match every personality. The hues, available in June, are bright, perky, fun, pearlescent and pastel.

The shades all have names that suit their color, with definitions as well. Here are the definitions for this collection:
Bikini So Teeny: provocative, lustrous sky blue.
All Tied Up: naughty, molten bronze.
Fear or Desire: obsession-worthy bright orange.
Cascade Cool: frosty, shimmery carnation pink.
Mojito Madness: fun-loving party lime.
Off the Shoulder: daring, scorching hot pink.

Since I have a deep affection for Essie, I will probably be buying at least two of these lovely shades. So far my favorites are Mojito Madness and Cascade Cool.

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